American Fairy Tales

American Fairy Tales 1

eBook on Lord Frank Baum’s work

“American Fairy Tales” is a collection of stories that were written by Lord Frank Baum. The original material was published in 1901 by George M.

Hill Publishing House. Lord Frank Baum used American Fairy Tales to capitalize on the success of his first two publications, namely “Father Goose” and “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.

This eBook is an important document of American Literature for it contains modern day fairy tales that were very popular among children during that time and century.

“The American Fairy Tales” contain stories like “The Box of Robbers”, “The Glass Dog”, “The Queen of Quok”, “The Girl Who Owned a Bear”, “The Enchanted Types”, “The Laughing Hippopotamus”, “The Magic Bon Bons”, “The Capture of Father Time”, “The Wonderful Pump”, “The Dummy that Lived”, “The King of the Polar Bears” and “The Mandarin and the Butterfly”.